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Freelance Party Broadcast

Podcast: How to scale your freelance business during coronavirus

Faye and Jess are joined by Linda Davies-Carr, known as the ‘master fixer’, to chat about ways to scale your freelance business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Self-employment home office

Nearly a quarter of a million Brits exit self-employment

Last week, survey data published by ONS showed that the number of self-employed workers in the UK fell by almost a quarter of a million …

Woman working at home office hands on keyboard

Six tips for freelance writers during the Coronavirus pandemic

Has Coronavirus made you consider a career as a freelance journalist? Here are six top tips to make the leap – including how to find writing work.

A working mum sitting on the floor with her laptop while her baby plays next to her.

The opportunities and challenges of being a self-employed mother

The rise in self-employment has been driven by a 69 per cent increase in the number of female freelancers working in the most highly skilled occupations

Mel Larsen smiling at the camera

Mel on a mission: Kindness leads the way during coronavirus

Meet the freelancer using her skills to help both other freelancers, and to feed those in need.

Finding freelance work online on job platforms

How freelancers can find work on job platforms

Finding regular freelance work can be very challenging, especially since lockdown began and budgets started to freeze. If you pitch to editors you may face …

A stack of books for freelancers to read during coronavirus

The top books to read for freelancers during the coronavirus

The past few months of lockdown have been a blur of frantic pitching and finance freak-outs punctuated with Friday night Zoom quizzes, the occasional banana …

Freelance writer how to negotiate your rates

Should freelancers lower their rates due to coronavirus?

Many freelancers are being asked to lower their rates because of coronavirus, but should you ever agree? Sian Meades-Williams explains how freelancers can use this …

Virtual co-working video call

How virtual co-working can improve your freelance life

As I write this article, my friend’s little face is watching over me from the top right-hand corner of my screen via Skype. We’re both …

A brain in a lightbulb - keeping your brain busy

Low-cost ways to keep your mind active when not freelancing

In the ‘new normal’, freelancing and home working are a lot more common. Even if you are not currently freelancing, it’s important to keep driving …

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