About us

Who we are

Modern Work is a magazine for freelancers, the self-employed and pretty much anyone interested in the changing world of work.

Looking around you, you don’t need to be an employment specialist to see the world of work has been completely transformed in recent years. Flexi-time, remote working, digital nomads – even the language we use to talk about work is different now. And Modern Work is here to represent and explore these changes as they happen.

Whether you’re a creative freelancer, an IT contractor or even just a flexi-time employee interested in the changes around you, Modern Work has something for you.

What we do

We explore the developments in the world of work through all kinds of quality articles – everything from in-depth features to expert advice columns. We bring together the personal and the professional – telling the stories of some of the most dynamic and inspiring freelancers working today, but also bringing you the latest financial and professional advice.

We also delve into the wider political and economic landscape, bringing you bitesize summaries of how it’s likely to affect you as someone working at the cutting edge of the modern economy. And if that sounds a little heavy, there’s also our lifestyle section – with everything from the latest gadgets to the best co-working spaces in the country.

Modern Work: a modern magazine for the workforce of the future.

Modern Work was founded by IPSE (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) in January 2018.

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