Lib Dems: Jo Swinson appointed leader

Jo Swinson MP has been elected as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats party. 

The East Dunbartonshire MP won over 50 per cent of the vote share.

The 39-year-old succeeds Vince Cable, said she would do “whatever it takes to stop Brexit”.

What does this mean for the self-employed?

IPSE (the Association of the Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) has welcomed Swinson and called on her to back a raft of measures to support the UK’s self-employed. 

These include maternity pay, tackling late payment, and supporting disabled freelancers. 

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So she will do ‘whatever it takes to stop Brexit’….so in other word she will do everything to stop the democratic majority vote of the people…another politician who thinks they are superior and know best….and the LibDems wonder why they have so few MP’s.

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